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Welcome to NipperSoft
The idea for this site came from a request from a friend to develop an on-line catalogue for his developing business empire. I was approached because he knew I programmed in C and C++ and had begun to extend my interest into Windows applications - Visual C++. I had only a limited knowledge of HTML etc but I was inspired by his request. As I began, my programming background helped enormously and I soon found that his 'request' had grown to a complete Web site. I haven't had so much fun for years! During his site's development, I found many sources of helpful assistance and resources. So...
...NipperSoft was born.
NipperSoft aims to provide the complete beginner or casual user with those useful bits of C/C++ code, JavaScript, HTML, advice, hints and tips, Web tutorials and even useful software applications (hopefully downloadable!) that you often need, but usually spend ages finding and then decades deciphering!

NipperSoft would welcome your feedback, advice or even code/script examples that you have found useful or even written yourself.
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